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July 2, 2009

Goodbye, Farewell and Amen…

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R.I.P. Today Newspapers, formerly Suburban Publishers, Inc.


June 29, 2009

An old LISD dog won’t learn new tricks?

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The Lancaster School Board is slated to name one finalist for its new superintendent June 29.

That’s after the district selected three semifinalists the week before but refused to release their names when asked.

Given Lancaster’s history in this area with superintendents, I think the district would want to take a different tack.

In 2006, when Cedar Hill ISD wound up hiring Horace Williams, the district not only named all three semifinalists by name, but, had open meet-and-greet times for the public with each of the three.

For a school district that, from where I sit, pretty much inflicted its previous superintendent, Larry Lewis, on the public as a lone finalist, the public relations on this looks bad even if it isn’t illegal.

And, given that Board President Carolyn Morris had the most acrimonious relationship with that former superintendent, Lewis, of anybody on the board, you would think that she, if anybody, would know better.

So, there you go, Lancaster residents, especially parents of school children. Your board, more than five years after a hiring disaster, and with the example of another local school district on how to do things right, has given the impression it still doesn¹t care about you.

June 24, 2009

Help police help Special Olympians

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If you’re looking for a place for dinner June 29, consider Texas Roadhouse in Grand Prairie that night, at Great Southwest and I-20 in Grand Prairie.

Police officers from both Grand Prairie and Duncanville will be working for tips for Special Olympics and its torch run from 5:30-9 p.m.

June 17, 2009

Duncanville gets new city commission

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At its June 16 meeting, the Duncanville City Council approved creating a multicultural commission. Read details of what this will involve, and the discussion behind its formation, in the June 25 issue of Today.

May 27, 2009

Texas Lege, TxDOT and red-light cams

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Cedar Hill has avoided being in red-light camera limbo, while Duncanville may not be so lucky. The Texas House’s version of Texas Department of Transportation sunset renewal forbids cities from either starting or renewing red-light camera contracts after June 1.

The Cedar Hill City Council took care of that business at its May 26 meeting, extending its contract with American Traffic Solutions by 15 years.

That said, the state senate’s version of TxDOT renewal has no such restrictions. The two different bills will have to go tp conference committee. With this year’s Lege almost done, such conference negotiations will have to be brief.

May 22, 2009

Royce West for AG?

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Interesting if he means it. He recently told WFAA he was interested in running for Texas Attorney General. Didn’t say when. Of course, the Best Southwest’s state senator would be running against Duncanville native Greg Abbott if the current AG is still in office.

That said, I thought Royce would be interested in being the first chancellor, or president, or whatever of UNT-Dallas School of Law, if it is indeed lifting off the ground.

Also, I’ll guess that Royce wants to see who would be running for governor, and otherwise getting the details of the statewide political lay of the land, before jumping in. (Right now, though Houston Mayor Bill White should be a great candidate for the Senate seat that Kay Bailey Hutchison is expected to vacate, I can’t for the life of me think of anybody jumping off the radar screen as a Democratic candidate for governor.)

May 20, 2009

Emmert throws hat in ring for DalCo judge race

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Cedar Hill City Councilman Wade Emmert told me, at a Cedar Hill Chamber of Commerce event yesterday, he’s official about seeking the Republican nomination for the Dallas County Judge race next year, and that he’ll have an official announcement party June 4. Emmert says state Sen. John Corona and former Dallas County Judge Margaret Keliher are both suposed to be in attendance. Mike Pappas and Ebby Halliday are among the heavy hitters on his steering committee.

April 28, 2009

Bailey’s Prime Plus is the bomb

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I just got back from a special “sneak peak,” or “sneak eat,” at Bailey’s Prime Plus, the upscale Cedar Hill steakhouse that officially opens in Uptown Village April 29. (David Goodspeed, Today’s automotive editor and webmaster, has some video up here.)

Bailey’s is the latest, and greatest, of “north of the Trinity comes south” to hit our area. Steaks run $24-$45. Appetizers are creative and varied, as are side items and desserts. And, if you’re an oenophile, you’ll get an eyeful at Bailey’s glass-encased wine “cellar” just inside the entrance.

A more detailed story is in this week’s paper, with further details in the May 7 edition.

For people who have wanted to comment on this post, first, note our new comments policy at the top right of the page. We require a legitimate e-mail address, among other things.

Second, an oenophile is a lover of wine. Third, if you compare prices at Bailey’s to, say, a place like Old Warsaw or Bob’s Steak and Chop House, they’re actually pretty darned reasonable.

April 25, 2009

An American Indian chief wants the land back

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Chief Loop-Nine of the Wichita Nation to the peoples of what will someday be called southern Dallas County and northern Ellis County:

This land was not yours before. If you could not peacefully dwell on the land of the Wichita in our own style, without your European crops, you did not have to stay here. And your European livestock scared away the deer, overgrazed the grass and eroded the stream banks.

And this phrase “eminent domain.” It does not exist, nor any equivalent to it, in our language, not even if emphasized by one of our bows and arrows or even one of your guns. But, we know what the phrase really means, especially when emphasized like that.

However, our prophets have long foresight, far distant into the future.


April 24, 2009

Joey Dauben raised a rabble in Cedar Hill @ Loop 9

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While there were many fine, upstanding residents of Cedar Hill and various Ellis County cities at the special hearing on Loop 9 in Cedar Hill April 23, there was more than a small scattering of people bringing some baggage to the event.

Let me put it this way. (more…)

April 23, 2009

The difference between news and opinion in Duncanville

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First, a blog is normally a journal of opinion, not news. That’s why an earlier blog post here doesn’t have quotes.

Second, regarding the Duncanville tea party, there is a news story in this week’s issue of the paper, in the appropriate spot on the news pages. (And, contrary to just writing what I want to, there’s this thing called “quote marks.” You can find them multiple times in that story, and I’m not quoting myself.

As for Paul Ford, well, even if people think we should have given splashier coverage to his arrest, I’m sure his backers will be out in force at tonight’s candidate forum.

Third, this is why Today instituted its “clear week” policy the last week before local elections.

April 22, 2009

Will new EPA mercury rules mean cleaner BSW air?

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How much will the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed cuts in mercury emissions from cement kilns affect TXI and other Midlothian (Texas) cement-makers, and by extension, air quality in Cedar Hill and other southern Dallas suburbs?

It’s to be hoped that the new regulations not only reduce mercury emissions, but produce better accountability in tracking just how much these plants do emit.

With the EPA wanting cuts of 75 percent or more, it’s clear its serious.

Happy Earth Day!

April 21, 2009

Best Southwest Earth Day event needed

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Juneteenth is celebrated jointly every year, and individual BSW cities have their trash-offs in April, around the time of Earth Day. Plus, Cedar Valley College is becoming a leader in green building technology education and Northwood University is putting it into practice.

So, why not a joint Earth Day event?

April 20, 2009

Vietnam Wall a moving event

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I stopped by the Vietnam Memorial Wall in DeSoto last Saturday night; happened to talk to Carole and Karyn Dobroski, mother and daughter. Carole’s brother-in-law, John, was killed in Vietnam in 1971. You can see the full story about the Wall in the April 23 issue of Today.

April 15, 2009

Dear Duncanville tea-partiers

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Tea-party protestors stand outside Duncanville city hall.

Tea-party protestors stand outside Duncanville city hall.

First, it’s nice to be read on the editorial page, even if disagreed with.

That said?
First, you ARE represented. If (assuming you’re Republicans) your party is out of presidential power after eight years …

It’s called “democracy.” Deal with it.

As for “overtaxed”? Nobody’s increased  your tax rate. Even above $250,000, it’s still only being moved back to what it was when Clinton became president and less than what it was when Reagan left office.

Fortunately, nobody I talked to personally was a Ron Paul-style goldbug.

Gold has little intrinsic value; what pricing it has is largely assigned by human greed.

As for tea-party pusher Dick Armey, if his flat tax idea is so good, why did he never, ever propose a flat tax for corporate income taxes?

April 9, 2009

A rhetorical question for Paul Ford

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If one of your rental tenants appeared to slip, fall and have back problems just like you appeared to slip, fall and have back problems at the April 7 Duncanville City Council meeting, your reaction as a landlord would be?

April 6, 2009

Anti-Loop 9 effort too little, too late, too pot-stirring

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Former Ellis County mucker Joey Dauben, who has moved to New Hampshire but, for some strange reason, feels compelled to still blog about Best Southwest, is trying to mount a “Stop Loop 9” effort, overlooking that fact that, if area residents really wanted to stop it, public hearings on the loop started about…

Five years ago. On the pages and webpages of this newspaper, such meetings were announced in advance, then written about afterward for people who did not attend but might be interested.

Self-inflicted ignorance is no excuse for last-minute monkey-wrenching of the nature of Dauben’s effort, despite his pleas for “eternal vigilance.” As for property losses, some property owners, who have currently-undeveloped property, will GAIN if the loop is ever built.

April 3, 2009

A simple, but money-losing, red-light cam solution for DV

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As I noted in this week’s paper, the vast majority of red-light camera citations come from just two intersections: southbound 67 service road at Cockrell Hill and Danieldale roads.

And, it also seems apparent that, if not a no-tolerance policy, Duncanville has a small-tolerance policy on stop-line issues.

Solution? Simple, camera-enforceable, and black and white.

But, it would probably cost the City of Red-Light Cams about $600,000.

Ban right-on-red turns at those two sites.

So, what say you, City Manager Kent Cagle? Mayor David Green? Police Chief Brown?

If safety is the ultimate concern, banning right-on-red turns WILL take care of that.

April 2, 2009

First three issues…

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Sorry that I’ve not posted here in a while. Well, our first three issues of the new combined BSW edition of Today are under the belt.

Perfect? No. But, as I said, we’re working out some kinks. And, we probably will for a few weeks still. Doing my, and our, best, to get as equal as possible representation of each city on the front page each week.

Of course, some weeks have more “hard news” in one city than in another, and also trying to get both “hard” and “soft” news on the front page, and pictures, but we’re doing what we can.

March 23, 2009

A new era at Today Newspapers

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Thursday, March 19, is the start of a new era for Today Newspapers.
Regular readers in Cedar Hill, DeSoto, Duncanville and Lancaster will notice stories from other cities in this issue, similar to what we have done in the past over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
The four separate issues of Today have been combined into one.
This is not an easily undertaken step.
But, it’s one Today saw as necessary.
In an editorial page column three weeks ago, I mentioned that one of the single biggest items of overhead for newspapers, including Today, was the cost of newsprint paper.
Combining the separate editions from the four Best Southwest cities we serve will let us achieve definite economies of scale.
We do know that, in the past some readers in each of those four cities have commented strongly about seeing news from other cities alongside that of their own in our combined editions.
At the same time, we know that the interconnectedness of the four Best Southwest cities, from having a special joint Best Southwest Chamber of Commerce, through many businesses being members of all four individual cities’ chambers of commerce, has increased over the past several years. Along with that, many of those businesses have advertised in all four separate Best Southwest editions of Today in the past.
That, then, has led to several other joint projects by the four Best Southwest cities, such as the annual Juneteenth event and Best Southwest Bookfest.
Also, three of our cities have a common emergency dispatch agency and a common animal shelter.
We also know that civic leaders from one community regularly keep tabs on another city’s activities. One example of this could be from last fall, when both the Cedar Hill and Duncanville school districts asked voters to consider school tax increases.
Sports is another example. Although DeSoto is not currently in the same athletic district as Duncanville and Cedar Hill, it usually has been in the past. And, when Lancaster gets to 5A status, it would most likely join the same district.
We hope to make this transition as smooth as possible. That includes both the news and the advertising sides. It won’t go perfectly, of course; on the news side, we will do our best to juggle each city’s amount of news, front page placement and so forth; we will have some advertising details that will be adjusted on the fly, too.
But, we believe this can and will work, and thank you for staying along with us on the ride.

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