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July 30, 2008

Big fire in DeSoto

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Fire at Brookhollow Apartments

Fire at Brookhollow Apartments

Did not have time to put anything on our blog last night, after taking pictures at the Brookhollow Apartments fire, but am posting one now. See the July 31 DeSoto Today for more, with follow-up as the cause of the fire becomes known.

Slideshow of images taken by Steve Snyder and Chris Hudson


July 22, 2008

Too cold this winter in CHISD classrooms?

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Maybe so, maybe not.

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Cedar Hill ISD, as part of an energy plan, is considering setting classroom heater thermostats at 65 degrees, and banning space heaters. You think:
Both are OK The heater setting is OK, but not banning space heaters The heater setting is too low, but banning space heaters is OK Neither is OK   

July 10, 2008

Best Southwest cities ask Legislature for more dog control power

July 8, the Cedar Hill City Council joined its Duncanville counterpart in officially memorializing the Texas Legislature to allow cities to have more control over specific breeds of dogs.

Cedar Hill City Councilmembers specifically disavowed wanting to ban pit bulls or other types or breeds of dogs, but said they do want the freedom to be able to enact certain controls on certain types of dogs, such as additional fencing requirements.

Currently, Texas law prohibits cities from enacting any breed-specific ordinances.

Today Newspapers will have an editorial column on the issue July 17.

Ironically, last night, after being at another event in Cedar Hill, I saw a pit bull running loose in DeSoto on my way home.

July 2, 2008

Texting Craze Gone Crazy?

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Texting and e-mail have become the new way to communicate, and for some the only method of communication. Instead of seeing a group of friends waking around the mall gabbing with one another, nowadays, it’s more common to see the same group sitting in the food court with their faces glued to their high-tech cell phones, speaking in their own language.

Back from Brazil with Lessons Learned: Part 2

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This summer I had the chance to spend an entire month in Brazil on a missions trip. With all the experiences and life-changing moments I had, I feel it necessary to keep these instances fresh in my mind. And in doing so, I would like to share them with you each week.
While prostitution in Brazil is supposedly illegal, it is highly tolerated. In Belo Horizonte, certain sects are set apart specifically for this purpose. So a good deal of my team’s focus was in Vera Cruz, the main district of the city. During my 2007 visit, we had several opportunities to minister here, but this year, the activity in the area had increased, which meant more crime and plenty of “customers.”
Let me paint the picture for you.


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