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August 29, 2008

GM recalls newer SUVs and trucks over fire concerns

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General Motors Corp. said Friday it was recalling 944,000 vehicles because of a problem with a windshield wiper fluid system that could lead to a fire. (more…)


August 19, 2008

Taxes and more taxes

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No sooner do I fall victim to recent “belt-tightening” at work than both my city council AND school board want to call for tax increases – DANG!

August 18, 2008

Weekend contests

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Duncanville did not fare too well in contests over the weekend. Boxer Luis Yanez lost his second-round bout Aug. 16 in the Olympics in Beijing and I did not see Miss Teen Duncanville/Miss Teen Texas Sydney Capello (who resides in Southlake but was chosen to represent Duncanville) listed anywhere in the winners list from the Miss Teen USA pageant, also Aug. 16.
*UPDATE: And for darn good reason – she was not in this contest. I stand corrected.
Miss Most Outstanding Teen Texas Sydney Capello was a Top Ten finalist in the Miss Most Outstanding Teen America whose competition was also held over the weekend.
(Who’s dumb idea was it to hold both contests on the same weekend and during the Olympics?)

There is still hope, though, as Duncanville Pantherette standout Tamika Catchings is helping the USA women’s basketball team advance easily through the early rounds of competition, and the team should be a favorite for a top medal.

August 15, 2008

No Kite(s) flying this morning

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Not long after the much needed rains ended over Duncanville this Friday morning, I see the family of Mississippi Kites that has adopted our neighborhood sitting in the tall trees attempting to dry out their wings. I also notice that the group of four we have been watching since spring has grown now to six. Pictured are five of the Kites (numbered).

Sunday morning update: This morning we awoke to find no less than 17 – yes 17 – Mississippi Kites sunning themselves in the trees out back. Must be getting close to migration season.

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