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September 15, 2008

Duncanville Celebrates America

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Another successful celebration of America and its heroes past and present hosted by Republic Glass and Mirror’s Steve Martin, along with Wolverton Heat and Air and Subway Duncanville.
The usual overflow crowd turned out Sept. 11 for the annual event held in remembrance of a national tragedy and honoring our Police and Fire Departments.


September 9, 2008

Cowbell hazard

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I spotted this warning notice on the new Duncanville Panther Football website:

” Cowbell Warning!!
We have been advised that the new cowbells interior ball has a tendency to fall out of the bell. The remedy is to simply use a pair of pliers to crimp the balls attachment wire loop slightly tighter where it connects to the interior of the bell. So bring the noise, but bring it safely………”

While I am sure this has no connection with the fact that Duncanville has closed the gates on the FFA livestock program, I just find the timing ODDLY coincidental.

September 8, 2008

Lordy, Lordy, look who’s Forty! (twice over)

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My hero and co-worker Ted Allen, sports editor for the Duncanville Today newspaper, turned 80 over the weekend.
He has been working in the newspaper industry for about 60 years now, the past 41 right here in Duncanville covering Panther sports the entire time. Last year he was even inducted into the Duncanville Panther Athletics Hall of Fame. He is a legend and has literally written the book on Duncanville sports.
When I asked Ted if he had quit celebrating birthdays or has started counting backwards, he replied “Heck no, I’ve earned each and every one of those years.”
The birthday was not the only celebration for Ted Allen this past weekend, though. He and his wife Joan marked 54 years of marriage as well.
Here’s wishing the Allens health and happiness!

September 5, 2008

Code Red works (sort of)

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I remember signing up for this new feature offered by the City of Duncanville to its residences a few years back called “Code Red.” There was a link right on the website so I figured yeah, what the heck.
Never got a confirmation e-mail back and never heard anything else about it.
Until this week.
Wednesday I get a phone message saying there were 2 armed gunmen loose in my neighborhood.
And I was in Miami.
Two armed gunmen on the loose? Where, exactly? Why?
The Code Red system automatically dialed my registered phone number (and those of my neighbors) and left a generic warning message. But that was all.
A cancellation message followed some time later but still no information.
Had they been caught? Gunned down? Did they take hostages? Shoot their way out in a horrific gun battle? Make any inappropriate gestures towards news cameras? Order takeout?
Dang. All this Code Red call did was raise my curiosity.

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