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October 15, 2008

Tax election — out of sight, out of mind in CH?

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Just a little tidbit of curiosity, but I noticed the Cedar Hill ISD website still doesn’t have any information up about the Oct. 7 tax election.


October 8, 2008

CH and DV voters have spoken on school tax

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By a decisive margin in Duncanville and a massive one in Cedar Hill, voters in te Oct. 7 special election for a 13-cent tax increase for the Cedar Hill and Duncanville school districts said “no.”

If you were one of the people who voted no, what do you think the district should do? Cut admin jobs? Cut teachers? Cut salaries across the board? Cut extracurricular spending? Dip into reserve funds? Run a deficit budget? A mix of several of the above?

If you voted “yes,” especially if you work for one of the two school districts, the same question for you, in the sense of which do you think will be easiest and least painful of all the above options?

And, if you’re on either side of this issue, what do you think the Texas Legislature should do next year? (Note — the report is that the Lege will focus mainly on transportation issues.)

October 6, 2008

This chair rocks…

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On our way down to visit our friends Leroy and Lynn Baker (formerly of Duncanville and Duncanville FFA) we stopped by this Texas-sized rocking chair on US281, five miles south of I-20.
Great retirement gift for Big Tex!

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