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February 24, 2009

TWITTER – What’s this?

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Twitter – what the heck is twitter?
You may have heard this word being tossed around in overheard techy conversations or even seen it on TV recently. But what is it?
Twitter is a microblogging service that has been around since 2006 but only recenly seen increased popularity – explosive popularity. Some estimates have seen usage rise 900 percent this year.
I have using Twitter for more than six months on the automotive side and more recently switched to the newspaper account as my primary outlet.
I can post “tweets” (as they are called) from my cell phone anywhere I get service and can also receive “tweets” from accounts I have signed up to “follow.” is the homebase for this latest, greatest little application, and there you can find FAQ lists as well as links to their blog and other applications that enhance Twitter such as Twhirl.
I prefer Twitter for its ease of use and interface with portable devices. Any phone with text capability can send tweets.
Users are limited to 140 characters which is great as it keeps things short and to the point and should further info need to be distributed, URLs are sent as links in Tiny URL form.
Is this just another passing fad? Perhaps, but for now it is a great way to keep up and keep informed in the least intrusive and most portable or mobile way yet.
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Tweet, tweet.


February 6, 2009

Duncanville Police capture murder suspect, advise caution

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The Duncanville Police Dept. has captured a subject wanted in connection with the stabbing death of a 76-year-old Duncanville man. The crime occurred Feb. 5 in the 200 block of Larry Lane. What is not clear at this point is if this subject is connected to a pair of recent violent home invasion robberies and police are warning citizens to remain alert and cautious.

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