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April 25, 2009

An American Indian chief wants the land back

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Chief Loop-Nine of the Wichita Nation to the peoples of what will someday be called southern Dallas County and northern Ellis County:

This land was not yours before. If you could not peacefully dwell on the land of the Wichita in our own style, without your European crops, you did not have to stay here. And your European livestock scared away the deer, overgrazed the grass and eroded the stream banks.

And this phrase “eminent domain.” It does not exist, nor any equivalent to it, in our language, not even if emphasized by one of our bows and arrows or even one of your guns. But, we know what the phrase really means, especially when emphasized like that.

However, our prophets have long foresight, far distant into the future.

They foretell that you will continue to use this “eminent domain” against the Wichita and others you lump together as “Indian” until you have all the land, and then use this same tool on one another.

By this tool of eminent domain, you will build large parkways called U.S. 67 and I-35 on the land of others to travel in speed and ease to a place called downtown Dallas.

But, with their foresight, our prophets also utter a curse.

As you now live by this eminent domain of taking land from the Wichita, some day it will come back to haunt you. And while our nation does not have a word or phrase for “eminent domain,” we have heard of a word of one of your tribes on the other side of the Great Sea, a word called “schadenfreude.”

And so, our prophets speak.

Chief Loop-Nine of the Wichita Nation


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