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April 8, 2008

Lamb of city goes out like a Lion

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It was fitting that on a cloudy, windy day last week a member of the Duncanville Lions Club let me know that his fellow Lion, longtime resident and community leader Wes Jespersen had passed away.



March 9, 2008

Ve’re going to Pump … You Up!

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OK, so none of the young party guests get the reference, but parents of said guests just might. And it was the grown ups, afterall, having the most fun at Peter’s Pump It Up party. (Once we surpassed the potty humor, that is.) (more…)

March 6, 2008

The cherry on top of my Today

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It’s not as if I need one more thing to do, but as a working mom (and aren’t ALL moms “working” moms?) my guilt often gets the better of me and I am obliged to pile one more item on my already filled-to-the-brink plate.

Sure, I can decorate for my son’s preschool party on the same day I help organize a company luncheon, interview a potential new staff writer and conference call with a business owner about how we can locally publicize his national product launch.

All of those things are easy. But then there’s this blog … (more…)

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