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February 24, 2009

TWITTER – What’s this?

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Twitter – what the heck is twitter?
You may have heard this word being tossed around in overheard techy conversations or even seen it on TV recently. But what is it?
Twitter is a microblogging service that has been around since 2006 but only recenly seen increased popularity – explosive popularity. Some estimates have seen usage rise 900 percent this year.
I have using Twitter for more than six months on the automotive side and more recently switched to the newspaper account as my primary outlet.
I can post “tweets” (as they are called) from my cell phone anywhere I get service and can also receive “tweets” from accounts I have signed up to “follow.” is the homebase for this latest, greatest little application, and there you can find FAQ lists as well as links to their blog and other applications that enhance Twitter such as Twhirl.
I prefer Twitter for its ease of use and interface with portable devices. Any phone with text capability can send tweets.
Users are limited to 140 characters which is great as it keeps things short and to the point and should further info need to be distributed, URLs are sent as links in Tiny URL form.
Is this just another passing fad? Perhaps, but for now it is a great way to keep up and keep informed in the least intrusive and most portable or mobile way yet.
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Tweet, tweet.


February 6, 2009

Duncanville Police capture murder suspect, advise caution

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The Duncanville Police Dept. has captured a subject wanted in connection with the stabbing death of a 76-year-old Duncanville man. The crime occurred Feb. 5 in the 200 block of Larry Lane. What is not clear at this point is if this subject is connected to a pair of recent violent home invasion robberies and police are warning citizens to remain alert and cautious.

December 24, 2008


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Today Newspapers would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!
Our offices will close Christmas Eve, Dec. 24, at 1 p.m. and re-open Monday, Dec. 29, at 8:30 a.m.
We will also be closed for the New Year’s holiday.

December 11, 2008

Not too late to help ELF in Cedar Hill

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Dorinda Rupert of the Cedar Hill Fire Department says fundraising for ELF and friends, and other fire department projects, has done well despite current economic conditions.
EMS, LawEnforcement, Firefighters, or ELF & Friends, is a non-profit organization operated by the Cedar Hill fire and police associations.
ELF has had 167 applicants this year, Rupert said. Gifts were distributed at the Cedar Hill Senior Center Dec. 15.
Rupert said recent ELF donations included Comtex Communications and Tait Radio each donating $1,500 worth of bicycles to the cause.
ELF Trees are located at Wal-Mart, at 631 Uptown Blvd., Uptown Village’s Information Kiosk at 305 W. F.M. 1382, Fire Station No. 1 at 1212 W. Belt Line Road, the Police Department at 285 Uptown Blvd. and Zula B. Wylie Library, at 225 Cedar St.

October 15, 2008

Tax election — out of sight, out of mind in CH?

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Just a little tidbit of curiosity, but I noticed the Cedar Hill ISD website still doesn’t have any information up about the Oct. 7 tax election.

October 8, 2008

CH and DV voters have spoken on school tax

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By a decisive margin in Duncanville and a massive one in Cedar Hill, voters in te Oct. 7 special election for a 13-cent tax increase for the Cedar Hill and Duncanville school districts said “no.”

If you were one of the people who voted no, what do you think the district should do? Cut admin jobs? Cut teachers? Cut salaries across the board? Cut extracurricular spending? Dip into reserve funds? Run a deficit budget? A mix of several of the above?

If you voted “yes,” especially if you work for one of the two school districts, the same question for you, in the sense of which do you think will be easiest and least painful of all the above options?

And, if you’re on either side of this issue, what do you think the Texas Legislature should do next year? (Note — the report is that the Lege will focus mainly on transportation issues.)

October 6, 2008

This chair rocks…

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On our way down to visit our friends Leroy and Lynn Baker (formerly of Duncanville and Duncanville FFA) we stopped by this Texas-sized rocking chair on US281, five miles south of I-20.
Great retirement gift for Big Tex!

September 15, 2008

Duncanville Celebrates America

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Another successful celebration of America and its heroes past and present hosted by Republic Glass and Mirror’s Steve Martin, along with Wolverton Heat and Air and Subway Duncanville.
The usual overflow crowd turned out Sept. 11 for the annual event held in remembrance of a national tragedy and honoring our Police and Fire Departments.

September 9, 2008

Cowbell hazard

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I spotted this warning notice on the new Duncanville Panther Football website:

” Cowbell Warning!!
We have been advised that the new cowbells interior ball has a tendency to fall out of the bell. The remedy is to simply use a pair of pliers to crimp the balls attachment wire loop slightly tighter where it connects to the interior of the bell. So bring the noise, but bring it safely………”

While I am sure this has no connection with the fact that Duncanville has closed the gates on the FFA livestock program, I just find the timing ODDLY coincidental.

September 8, 2008

Lordy, Lordy, look who’s Forty! (twice over)

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My hero and co-worker Ted Allen, sports editor for the Duncanville Today newspaper, turned 80 over the weekend.
He has been working in the newspaper industry for about 60 years now, the past 41 right here in Duncanville covering Panther sports the entire time. Last year he was even inducted into the Duncanville Panther Athletics Hall of Fame. He is a legend and has literally written the book on Duncanville sports.
When I asked Ted if he had quit celebrating birthdays or has started counting backwards, he replied “Heck no, I’ve earned each and every one of those years.”
The birthday was not the only celebration for Ted Allen this past weekend, though. He and his wife Joan marked 54 years of marriage as well.
Here’s wishing the Allens health and happiness!

September 5, 2008

Code Red works (sort of)

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I remember signing up for this new feature offered by the City of Duncanville to its residences a few years back called “Code Red.” There was a link right on the website so I figured yeah, what the heck.
Never got a confirmation e-mail back and never heard anything else about it.
Until this week.
Wednesday I get a phone message saying there were 2 armed gunmen loose in my neighborhood.
And I was in Miami.
Two armed gunmen on the loose? Where, exactly? Why?
The Code Red system automatically dialed my registered phone number (and those of my neighbors) and left a generic warning message. But that was all.
A cancellation message followed some time later but still no information.
Had they been caught? Gunned down? Did they take hostages? Shoot their way out in a horrific gun battle? Make any inappropriate gestures towards news cameras? Order takeout?
Dang. All this Code Red call did was raise my curiosity.

August 29, 2008

GM recalls newer SUVs and trucks over fire concerns

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General Motors Corp. said Friday it was recalling 944,000 vehicles because of a problem with a windshield wiper fluid system that could lead to a fire. (more…)

August 19, 2008

Taxes and more taxes

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No sooner do I fall victim to recent “belt-tightening” at work than both my city council AND school board want to call for tax increases – DANG!

August 18, 2008

Weekend contests

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Duncanville did not fare too well in contests over the weekend. Boxer Luis Yanez lost his second-round bout Aug. 16 in the Olympics in Beijing and I did not see Miss Teen Duncanville/Miss Teen Texas Sydney Capello (who resides in Southlake but was chosen to represent Duncanville) listed anywhere in the winners list from the Miss Teen USA pageant, also Aug. 16.
*UPDATE: And for darn good reason – she was not in this contest. I stand corrected.
Miss Most Outstanding Teen Texas Sydney Capello was a Top Ten finalist in the Miss Most Outstanding Teen America whose competition was also held over the weekend.
(Who’s dumb idea was it to hold both contests on the same weekend and during the Olympics?)

There is still hope, though, as Duncanville Pantherette standout Tamika Catchings is helping the USA women’s basketball team advance easily through the early rounds of competition, and the team should be a favorite for a top medal.

August 15, 2008

No Kite(s) flying this morning

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Not long after the much needed rains ended over Duncanville this Friday morning, I see the family of Mississippi Kites that has adopted our neighborhood sitting in the tall trees attempting to dry out their wings. I also notice that the group of four we have been watching since spring has grown now to six. Pictured are five of the Kites (numbered).

Sunday morning update: This morning we awoke to find no less than 17 – yes 17 – Mississippi Kites sunning themselves in the trees out back. Must be getting close to migration season.

July 30, 2008

Big fire in DeSoto

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Fire at Brookhollow Apartments

Fire at Brookhollow Apartments

Did not have time to put anything on our blog last night, after taking pictures at the Brookhollow Apartments fire, but am posting one now. See the July 31 DeSoto Today for more, with follow-up as the cause of the fire becomes known.

Slideshow of images taken by Steve Snyder and Chris Hudson

July 22, 2008

Too cold this winter in CHISD classrooms?

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Maybe so, maybe not.

Free polls from
Cedar Hill ISD, as part of an energy plan, is considering setting classroom heater thermostats at 65 degrees, and banning space heaters. You think:
Both are OK The heater setting is OK, but not banning space heaters The heater setting is too low, but banning space heaters is OK Neither is OK   

July 10, 2008

Best Southwest cities ask Legislature for more dog control power

July 8, the Cedar Hill City Council joined its Duncanville counterpart in officially memorializing the Texas Legislature to allow cities to have more control over specific breeds of dogs.

Cedar Hill City Councilmembers specifically disavowed wanting to ban pit bulls or other types or breeds of dogs, but said they do want the freedom to be able to enact certain controls on certain types of dogs, such as additional fencing requirements.

Currently, Texas law prohibits cities from enacting any breed-specific ordinances.

Today Newspapers will have an editorial column on the issue July 17.

Ironically, last night, after being at another event in Cedar Hill, I saw a pit bull running loose in DeSoto on my way home.

July 2, 2008

Texting Craze Gone Crazy?

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Texting and e-mail have become the new way to communicate, and for some the only method of communication. Instead of seeing a group of friends waking around the mall gabbing with one another, nowadays, it’s more common to see the same group sitting in the food court with their faces glued to their high-tech cell phones, speaking in their own language.

Back from Brazil with Lessons Learned: Part 2

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This summer I had the chance to spend an entire month in Brazil on a missions trip. With all the experiences and life-changing moments I had, I feel it necessary to keep these instances fresh in my mind. And in doing so, I would like to share them with you each week.
While prostitution in Brazil is supposedly illegal, it is highly tolerated. In Belo Horizonte, certain sects are set apart specifically for this purpose. So a good deal of my team’s focus was in Vera Cruz, the main district of the city. During my 2007 visit, we had several opportunities to minister here, but this year, the activity in the area had increased, which meant more crime and plenty of “customers.”
Let me paint the picture for you.


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